London RPI to CPI= Rally of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign

Dear Justice Campaign Supporter.


To keep you informed.  A good response has been received and the details below have now been sent to all those who have indicated their wish to attend the rally.  What we are doing will affect every park home owner in the land.  Whilst I know that you cannot all attend.  YOU CAN HELP TO MAKE IT BETTER FOR US ALL.  Please copy the letter at the bottom of these details and send to the Prime Minister and please contact your own constituency MP and ask for his support in this matter.  Please ask him to attend our meeting in Westminster and PLEASE ask him or her to bring our situation up at the PARTY CONFERENCE.


You will see below that I have had a meeting with those in Scotland and I am pleased to welcome their support and help.  We worked together in our Three Nations rally and we are working together again.


Dear Rallying Member

Sorry for the delay in reply but there has been a lot of arrangements to make.   I have been working with Sir Peter Bottomley’s office to make the following arrangements.  I can now tell you that:


  1.      Our official Rally Date is Monday 24th October 2022.


  1.      A presentation Campaign letter regarding RPI to CPI and the 10% Commission Charge is being prepared for the Prime Minister.  Sir

          Peter’s office is liaising with Downing Street and details will follow later.


  1.       After our rally and delivery of our Campaign Letter to Downing Street – there will be a meeting to which you are all invited in

           Committee Room 10 at the Palace of Westminster.


This date has been decided upon because it is the only date available before the House rises on the 22nd September and the Conservative Party Conference which takes place on 2-5th October.   It is imperative that before their Party Conference, we make MP’s understand the urgency of our demand that the Government honours its promise to change RPI to CPI on the pitch fee increase and delivers its decision on the 10% Commission Charge.  Enough is enough.  RPI to CPI affects every park homeowner in the country and the 10% commission is the most hated charge. We want action and we want it NOW.

Our President, Sir Peter Bottomley, who is also the Father of the House will chair the meeting.  Sir Christopher Chope MP – who has tried to bring forward a Private Members Bill regarding RPI to CPI has also been invited to attend and speak.  The meeting room has been booked for one hour and there will be ample time for the park homeowners to have their say and ask questions on this cause that we have campaigned for.

If we are to believe the news, RPI could rise substantially to even 18% or more – and the only winner is the Site Owners.  Government must hastily honour their promise and reduce this to CPI.  As our meeting and rally takes place before the Party Conference begins.  PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CONSTITUENCY MP AND ASK THEM TO ATTEND THE MEETING IN COMMITTEE ROOM 10 AND BRING PRESSURE TO BARE AT THE PARTY CONFERENCE.

The timetable for our Rally day will be:


12.noon                        All Park Homeowners to meet at the enclosed black railings opposite the gates of Downing Street with their Banners. 


A Press Release will be put out.  LKP, the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership will help us with coverage.  Photographers and TV news teams will be informed, and I hope you will have the opportunity to give your views.


12.30                            Is the time that we hope to make the Presentation to Downing Street.  (I will confirm later but this will not interfere with our rally).


Only a small party is allowed to enter Downing Street.  Therefore, Sir Peter and a small party will deliver a letter from the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign on the subject of RPI to CPI and the 10% Commission Charge for the personal attention of the Prime Minister.


12.45                            Our rally will walk – with banners – to the Palace of Westminster.


Please keep to the pavement on this short Rally walk to Westminster.  Marshals will be in attendance.  Before going through security at the Palace of Westminster, we will have to dispose of our banners as they are not allowed inside of the Palace.  The Marshals will ask the Police at the Palace where they can be put.  Please place them where the Marshals direct – and remember to collect them when you leave the Palace.


1.15 to 1.45 pm.   Our rally will make its way through security at the Palace.  

Please remember that any sharp objects that you may be carrying will be taken from you before you are allowed to enter the Palace.

Refreshments and Toilets.

Once inside Westminster Hall, there is a cafe that is located to your right (which you may wish to use after the meeting) and toilet facilities.

Meeting in Committee Room 10

At 2.15 it will be time to move to Committee Room 10.  I will be there to direct you but would be grateful if you could please keep together.  There will be stairs to climb, so please give yourself plenty of time.  There is a lift for anyone who needs assistance.  If this applies to you, please ask one of the security persons in the Palace to help you.

The meeting will commence at: approx: 2.30pm

The meeting will end at:  approx: 3.30pm

Please allow 30 minutes to exit the Palace for your journey home.  It is very busy around Westminster but there are many taxis that you can hail to take you to the various transport stations.  Warning. Please do not use the bicycle transport that is available – it will cost you a fortune.

Parking of Mini Buses

If you are travelling in a mini-bus, I am told that the best place to park is on the Embankment.  Usually, your driver will know about this.

Dress Code.

Our JUSTICE Campaign has always been respectful of people and places.  As we are very privileged to have a Committee Room allocated to us in the Palace, please can we adopt a smart casual appearance and if possible, no jeans please.


 PLEASE RESPOND EARLY TO ENSURE YOUR PLACE as there is a limit to the amount that can be seated in Westminster.


  1.     Would you please let me know by return, the names of people that definitely want to attend. I will reply to you all after the bank holiday.


  1.     Please give me the name of your Park and the county that it is in.


  1.    Would you please make your own banners to reflect our RPI to CPI situation and our four year wait to get justice – and of course the 10% commission charge.


  1.     Would you please contact your own constituency MP and ask them to attend the meeting in Committee Room 10 and air your views to the Government at the Party Conference.


  1.     Please inform your local press and regional TV station of our rally and its cause.  I will be sending out a Press Release and inviting TV and Radio – but we need all the help that we can get. 


Because RPI to CPI affects every park homeowner in the land, I have had a meeting with SCOPHRA (Scottish Confederation of Park Home Residents Associations) who I am pleased to report are supporting us and asking their Scottish MPs/MSPs to attend the meeting and make the Scottish resident’s feelings known to the Government.

I will need two Marshals to help on the day.  If you would be prepared to help with this very important job and have a yellow hi viz jacket.

I will write to you all again with any further updates but would be grateful if you could please make your banners, galvanise support from your parks and bring as many as you can to the rally.

This is the only chance we have to do something that will positively affect every park homeowner in the land.  I appreciate that not all people can travel to London – but you can still help.  If you are unable to attend the Rally, please write to your MP.  Inform them of the Rally and that it has taken four years and Government have still not honoured their promise to change RPI to CPI.  Remind them that the only people who are winning in this situation is the Site Owner and demand that change is done NOW.  Most importantly, ask them to represent you at the meeting in Committee Room 10 on the 24th September and make your feelings known to Government at the Party Conference.

Our President, Sir Peter Bottomley MP has written a strong letter to the Secretary of State.  Our campaign needs you to inundate the office of the Prime Minister with your demands for this change.

A sample letter that you may wish to send is laid out below.

Best Wishes and thank you


PRIME MINISTER’S ADDRESS.   10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA

Dear Prime Minister

I am a member of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign and one of the Park Home Owners in this country that your Government has forgotten.  Four years ago, your Government promised to change the RPI to CPI increase on my pitch fee.  You have let me – and thousands like me – down.  You could easily do this in the next Finance Bill – but still you give us the same speal “when parliamentary time allows.”  Enough is now enough. 

Under the banner of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign, we will be rallying at Westminster on the 19th September and delivering our letter to Downing Street for your personal attention.  In these austere times, when RPI is rising every day, you are condemning park homeowners to a cold miserable fate that could end in the death of some who cannot afford to live.  

The only person to gain from your lack of thought, compassion and justice to park homeowners is the site owner.  This is a windfall for him that will increase every year.  In a short while you will be wanting our votes – these will be in short supply if you do not honour your promise now.  

You increase our pensions by CPI and yet you expect us to increase our pitch fees by RPI.  The Welsh already enjoy a CPI increase to their pitch fee.  Why can you not make it fair and do the same for England and Scotland.  The Father of the House, Sir Peter Bottomley has indicated that this could be done in the next Finance Bill.  If you won’t listen to the voice of the people – please will you listen to the voice of The Father of the House.

Yours sincerely