Behavioural Policy

IPHAS exists to advise members in respect of Park Home Legislation and their Written Agreement with the Park Owner. Our Advice line is open to you for this purpose and may be contacted by telephone or email. There have, however, been instances where the ability to contact IPHAS has been abused and regrettably instances where abuse has been directed at Team Members.

This Acceptable Use Policy defines the main rules which are sensible to follow, but is by no means a complete list. In order to maintain the integrity of the service for everyone, and ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from it, we reserve the right to disable users’ accounts where there is a breach of this fair use policy.

IPHAS permits registered members to seek advice free of charge and has set a maximum number of enquiries submitted as 6 per membership year.                    (The possibility of multiple contacts in respect of any enquiry will not count as separate enquiries)

We reserve the right to change the maximum number of enquiries submitted in a year and to revise these terms of use from time to time.

IPHAS also have a policy relating to abusive and aggressive behaviour.

Aggressive or abusive behaviour policy

We understand that many our members can feel anger about the issues they have raised in their request for assistance or advice. If that anger escalates into aggression towards staff, we consider that unacceptable. Any violence or abuse towards staff will not be accepted.

Violence is not restricted to acts of aggression that may result in physical harm. It also includes behaviour or language (whether verbal or written) that may cause staff to feel offended, afraid, threatened or abused.

We will judge each situation individually and appreciate individuals who come to us may be upset.

Language which is designed to:

  • insult or degrade
  • is racist
  • sexist or homophobic
  • makes serious allegations that individuals have committed criminal, corrupt or perverse conduct without any evidence is unacceptable.

In cases were the matter cannot be resolved satisfactorily IPHAS reserve the right to terminate membership with immediate effect resulting in forfeiture of any membership fee already paid.