EBSS Announcement

EBSS Announcement

As per our previous communication on 30 May, the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding (EBSS AF) had a limited extension for corporate appointees with business bank accounts applying on behalf of eligible applicants, until 16 June.

Eligible corporate appointees have been able to make an application calling our contact centre helpline on 0808 175 3287. The contact centre helpline will not accept any new applications from corporate appointees using business bank accounts after 6pm on 16 June.

The contact centre helplines for the EBSS AF will remain open to assist applicants who still have applications being processed or who need assistance with a cancelled or rejected application.

Local authorities will continue to process applications after the scheme has closed to new applications and we expect final payments to all eligible applicants to be completed in the summer.

Any review cases that have been raised by an applicant will also continue to be processed after the schemes closes to new applications. Any application that has been incorrectly rejected will be reconsidered by local authorities who will process the claim and, if the application is deemed eligible, will deliver the support into their bank account.

If you have any queries regarding the closure of the EBSS AF, please contact energy.bills.rebate@beis.gov.uk.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the duration of the EBSS AF and the AFP AF.

Kind Regards


17th June 2023