Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS AF) Factsheet

  • The EBSS AF will provide a payment of £400 to around 900,000 households without a direct relationship to a domestic electricity supplier in England, Scotland, and Wales, to support them with their energy bill costs.
  • This support is equivalent to the support provided automatically to households through the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS).
  • The scheme is now open to all eligible households across Great Britain until 31 May 2023.


  • Subject to applications meeting full requirements, households who will be able to receive support through the EBSS AF include:
    • care home residents and others in care facilities/sheltered accommodation (wholly or partly self-funded)
    • park home residents, houseboats and caravans that can provide proof of address
    • social and private tenants who pay for energy through a landlord on a commercial supply
    • homes on a heat network/private wire
    • off-grid homes
    • farmhouses used for wholly domestic purposes

Application process

  • Those who are eligible for the EBSS AF will need to submit a short online application via the Government’s GOV.UK webpages.
  • This page can be found by searching “Apply for energy bill support if you do not get it automatically” into the search bar on GOV.UK or an internet search engine.
  • For those without online access, the contact centre helpline can be reached on 08081753287 where a representative will guide them through the application process.

Receiving payments

  • Once customers have applied to receive support, their details will be shared with Local Authorities across England, Scotland and Wales, who will confirm eligibility and deliver the one-off, non-repayable support.
  • The exact date that an eligible household will receive support will depend on when the application is made and when the payment can be processed by their local authority.
  • A single payment of £400 will be made directly into the applicant’s bank account.

Countering Scams

  • The government will never provide any links to the online application portal, to counter any fraudulent links being inserted. As many of the eligible households will include vulnerable individuals, we believe it is important to adopt this approach to reduce their exposure to scams.
  • Please ensure that no links are provided in any of your electronic communications.