Joan Aylott


Joan Aylott – 6 April 1930 – 1 January 2024

It is with much sadness that we record the death of Joan Aylott, president of IPHAS – the Park Home Advisory Service.

Joan and her husband Ernie had enjoyed camping and motorhome holidays for many years, especially when their sons,

Rus and Glen had been growing up. This prompted them to visit the annual caravan shows at Earls Court and it was at one of these exhibitions that they first saw park homes. They were very impressed with their size, layout and luxury features and decided to investigate the possibility of moving to one as their retirement years approached.

That research took about two years and when they were satisfied that they knew all there was to know about the homes, the parks and the legal situation, they embarked on a tour of some 33 parks and eventually decided on one in Dorset, largely because of its very beautiful surroundings.

But despite all that time devoted to park home research, Joan and Ernie found that there were still things they didn’t know about the lifestyle. For instance, when they started to dig a pond in their garden they quickly discovered, during a visit from their park owner, that they should have had his permission before embarking on a project such as that. They were also guilty of breaking the park rules when they allowed one of their sons to stay with them for a few months (the park was for retired people only).

These experiences led Joan and Ernie to find out more about park home living – its joys and its pitfalls – and they joined one of the national residents’ associations where Joan met the late Roy and Beryl Waite. Eventually the four of them decided to form their own national residents’ association, calling it The Independent Park Home Advisory Service (IPHAS, for short). At that time they were particularly grateful for the support they received at Parliamentary level from the late Lord Graham of Edmonton, who became vice-president of IPHAS.

Sadly, Ernie died in 2021 but Joan continued her advisory work until ill health resulted in her retirement, but she retained her role as IPHAS president and  continued to take a very keen interest in its progress.

Joan and Ernie’s sons are very proud of the achievements of their parents. Joan will be sorely missed by all she came into contact with over the years, and by those with whom she shared her extensive knowledge of park home matters.

Rest in peace, Joan – park home residents nationwide owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

February 28th 2024