UPDATE ON THE 10% Commission Charge and RPI to CPI increase to your pitch fee.

Many thanks for sending the letters to Sir Keir Starmer, Sir Ed Davey and your MP.  It may not seem as though anything is happening – but you are keeping up the pressure, which is all that you can do.

Many of you are emailing me copies of the letters that you have received from your MP.  Basically, I can tell you that they are all saying the same thing, and not answering the question.

There was ample opportunity for any of those MPs to bring up the RPI to CPI issue in Prime Ministers Questions after the announcement by the Chancellor.  Sadly, not one of them deemed it necessary to do so.

Sir Christopher Chope has tried on several occasions to get a second reading of his Private Members Bill – but to no avail. The next chance is Friday May 6th – but I suspect that again it will not get read.

We obviously await the outcome of the 10% Commission Charge review and the long- awaited change from RPI to CPI.

I have approached certain members of the BBC and hope to get the current plight of the park home resident broadcast.  If I am lucky, that should be in the near future.  I will do my best but we will have to wait and see. The Prime Minister’s Office has published that The State Opening of Parliament will take place on Tuesday 10th May.

I think we have all done all that we can at this point and we must now wait to see what the government has set out in the Queen’s speech for the next parliamentary session.

If there is no further news.  I will write again after May 10th.

Best wishes to all and stay safe.

Sonia.                                                                                                              29th March 2022